Are You Controlling From Your Mind or Creating With Your Soul?

How many books have you read on Law of Attraction so you can move your business ahead?  How many resources have you plumbed to connect more deeply with your purpose?  How many intuitive tools do you have at your disposal?

If you are anything like me, the answer is: dozens.  Scores.  Multitudes.  A plethora.

These resources are all wonderful tools.  You have to know what you don’t know before anything new can happen.

And yet what I have noticed with myself and my clients is that we expect the tools to be the magic.  We fall into the trap of believing that focusing on expressing the tools in our life is the answer.  At some level we decide that we KNOW what we’re supposed to do and that should be enough to change our lives – and if it isn’t perhaps there is some new piece of knowing that we simply need to discover.

Here’s the Truth: The tools are simply the path to the magic. The real magic happens when you open the door at the end of the path.

What’s the path?

These tools simply put us on the path us to remembering that we are of the Divine.  That we came as a Soul with a Divine purpose.  That we have all the power of the Divine at our very fingertips in every moment because we are of the Divine.

Opening the door is all about living from this place of connection.  Not just knowing that it’s true, but living from the Truth each moment of the day.

When we run our businesses from this place of being, this place of connection, prosperity abounds:  prosperity of time, of deep relationship with our tribe, of love of our daily lives, of money.

And yet, this connection can be hard to remember and difficult to live in our daily lives with all of the crap we pick up along the way from our human experience.

This crap keeps the knowing at an intellectual level instead of a body level, instead of the deep resonance, instead of stepping into a connection with your Soul.

This crap also keeps us from recognizing that this ‘simple’ principle (‘simple’ in understanding, perhaps not so simple in the expression of it) is worthy of some time and exploration and conscious daily choices.

This crap keeps us in the place of, “but I know that already and it hasn’t worked.”  Or, “I don’t have time for this.  There just has to be something else because I know all of this already.”

The mind is really an amazing structure – but so not helpful in this situation.

The seed for the blossoming of the magic of prosperity throughout your business and life is already within you.  You don’t need to add any more knowledge.  You simply need to water what’s already there.  I promise.

Here’s something else I promise: helping others uncover the magic of their prosperity is the work I’m here to do.  This is my Soul work.

I would love to help you water that seed within you so that 2012 becomes the year you shift from attempting to create through controlling with your mind to creating prosperity through being from your Soul.

If this resonates with you, set up a time for a conversation so that we can chat, I can answer any questions you have and we can decide if this is the time to start this work.  To set up the conversation, simply click this link or paste the following URL into your browser:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create through magic?

Many blessings to you throughout this holiday season and evermore,




This is the Easy Part

I want you to bring your gifts and purpose in a big way this year. Here are three elements to remember to bring all that is in your heart into physical being:

  1. Big Ideas Create Big EnergyAs soon as you begin playing around with big ideas, it’s as if they have an energy of their own. This energy acts like a huge beacon, highlighting all that is within you that doesn’t energetically match your goal or vision.

    This is one of those “blessing in disguise” opportunities.

    If you are aware of this dynamic, then that light is a blessing. You clear out what doesn’t match so you can move forward.

    If you aren’t, then life may seem to get really messy. You may define this messiness as procrastination, or communication problems, or road blocks may keep appearing in other areas of your life, or physical issues may come up in your body.

    Each of those “messes” is real — not imaginary — but they are present because you’ve stirred the pot. You’ve changed the status quo. The parts of you who learned early on it wasn’t safe to be seen, or you don’t deserve great things happening to you, or it isn’t safe to shine in such a big way, are going to squawk in any way possible to get your attention.

    The key to moving toward your vision is to understand this and know how to clear out the energy that doesn’t match your new vision.

  2. Believing is SeeingWhat we know about the energetics of the Universe is that you have to hold your vibration to match with what you want in order for it to manifest.

    It can be hard, though, to hold the space of believing in what you want long enough for the physical evidence to start to show up. As time goes on, it gets easier to notice the NOT showing up. All of a sudden now you’ve shifted the energy of the situation. You haven’t shifted your desire for your goals, simply the energy around your desire.

    To keep moving toward your vision, spend time each day feeling the energy of your vision. The most important work you’ll ever do is to continue to create the internal feeling of what you want.

    The Universe responds to your vibration, not your vision board.

  3. Where’s it Coming From?If you are diligently implementing #1 and #2 and your vision simply isn’t unfolding, check in with the motivation behind your goal.

    Is the motivating factor based in fear? Desperation? Now, none of us like to admit we are feeling fear or desperation, but we all do at some point. The key is to simply be curious about your emotions, not judgmental.

    If you get really honest with yourself and notice you are motivated by fear, you are amping up the vibration of fear. Your vision is not going to unfold.

    Make sure your vision is based on a connection with your heart and Source, not on the fears that keep you separate.

As you include these three elements into your daily routine, you will see a much more powerful unfolding of your vision and goals. I can’t wait to hear what unfolds for you!

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.

Can You Get Back on Track?

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. I wake up full of life and energy—it’s one of those days that I know I’m going to get a lot accomplished. I lie in bed and drink in the fabulous feeling; I can literally feel it soaking into every cell.

With a smile on my face, I head downstairs to my computer. Writing my newsletter is first on the list; I know exactly what I want to share with all of you.

A quick glace through my e-mail shows me I’ve had several product orders come in overnight. How fun, I think! This day is just getting better and better.

I pop open the first order—wonderful. I pop open the second order—wonderful. I pop open the third order. I see this person has ordered an entire line of release meditations from me…but wait, the total is completely wrong. Somehow, she used a coupon code that gave her the entire series for fr^ee. $90 of product for no charge.

All of sudden the wonderful feeling was gone. In its place were frustration, some disbelief, and this feeling of, “of course, why should I expect the day to go so easily.” These lovely feelings happened instantly; like the floor dropped out beneath me.

Honestly, these feelings are very familiar. Even with all the work I’ve done on myself, they still pop up. The difference is I now know exactly what to do with the feelings.

If I didn’t do anything, they’d lead me on a downward spiral. The day would get away from me and chances are, depending on how strong the emotion was that downward spiral could knock me out for the next week or so.

Instead, I follow these three steps:

  1. Feel the emotions

    In a quest to feel “positive” so the Law of Attraction can bring us what we want, many people think they need to ALWAYS feel positive. So, if something bad comes up, you should just cover it up.

    Not a good choice.

    Take the time to actually Feel what you really feel. Otherwise, you’ll just end up shoving those feelings into your subconscious and you will have lost the power you have.

  2. Do whatever you need to do to shift the feelings

    Once you’ve had a chance to feel those feelings, your first priority becomes shifting. Do whatever you can to shift to a better feeling. Dance. Get out in nature. Listen to music. Journal. Play with your pets. Take whatever time you need to shift.

  3. Take inventory: What are the clues being given to you?

    In all honesty, these kinds of situations are pure gold. These situations are showing you, in vivid detail, what your set point is on the issue.

    In my situation, there’s the practical: what’s happening with my shopping cart, what information do I need from that company to make sure this doesn’t happen on a bigger scale?

    Then there is the underlying picture of my beliefs: how am I feeling about money coming in? How am I feeling about trusting my processes? How in my life am I living the vibration of frustration instead of prosperity?

I used to think mastering Universal law was all about only feeling good. Now I understand life is always going to happen. The better I feel, the better the circumstances. However, there will always be something that happens that doesn’t feel so good.

Instead of being a victim to my circumstances and allowing my emotions to lead me away from my soul-full, creative, purposeful place, I now work this process. I can get to the place of, “wow, I wonder what energy this client was running so she could get such a great deal for herself.” I can be in the place of, “I’m excited I figured out this glitch, so it’s fixed before the next flood of orders.”

Both of those thoughts put me smack dab in alignment with what I want.

Now that’s a good day!

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.