Allowing Money Flow

Last week, I spent time on the Oregon Coast — one of my most favorite places. You know the book, “I Learned All I Needed to Know in Kindergarten?” Well, I would say, “I learned all I needed to know in Nature.”

Nature is simply one form of the Divine’s abundance, so Nature has quite a bit to share about prosperity.

During my time on the coast, the weather was intense. Wet. Windy. Alive. As intense as it was, I was struck by the cyclical nature of the sea. At low tide, the water receded, exposing the structure below:

Oregon Coast

At high tide, the water roiled and boiled, sending spray dozens of feet in the air:

Oregon Coast

One thing was quite clear: there was no fighting the tide. Water flowed in, water flowed out. And then it happened all over again, 12 hours or so later.

Nobody fought the tide. Not the sea lions. Not the seals. Not the shipping vessels. Nothing. In fact, life was organized around the tide tables.

What does this have to do with your money?

Just like the tides, money ebbs and flows. Always. Yes, you can change the amount of money you have at any given time, but money is always going to flow in different amounts. Sometimes in, sometimes out.

When you want your prosperity to increase, there can be a lot of judgment and fear about money ebbing and flowing.

What if you could relax into the flow?

How would it feel to simply know you are working with the energy of money?

What if when the money was ebbing, you took the time to pay attention to the structure, bolstering it where needed, feeling appreciation for the time instead of panic?

What would change for you if you simply flowed with money instead of pushing against it?

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