Are You Aligning or Ignoring?


Do you ever have those moments of feeling, “Wow, I’m really handling this in a Spiritual way,” …and then have an ah-ha moment that makes you realize otherwise?

Yeah, me too.

I had a situation come up last week where I found myself feeling disappointed I hadn’t met a certain financial goal in a specific area. I found myself yelling at the Universe:

“I did all the steps. I was specific about what I wanted. I focused on the feeling. I let it go while still honoring and creating the feeling in my daily life. So come on Universe, where is it?”

In the middle of my temper tantrum (yes, I’ll admit to that), I had a funny feeling come over me. I was yelling at the Universe and having an ah-ha moment all at the same time.

Yes, it was true I had “followed the formula.” I had thought the correct thoughts. I had done the “obligatory” feeling creation. But at the same time, I was still having a lot of disbelief around this particular way of creating money. The disbelief created some sensations of fear.

Because I KNOW I am not “supposed” to have the fear, I started ignoring the feelings as they came up. I reassured myself I had done “the work” and they didn’t matter.

The ignoring didn’t serve me in any way. While you don’t want fear to paint you into a corner, it actually does serve a useful function. Fear was showing me I wasn’t in alignment with what I wanted.

Fear was trying to get my attention and show me:

I still believed more in the fear than in the ability of the Universe to support me.

I believed more in the fear than in the unfolding of this particular situation in divine right timing.

I believed more in the fear than I did in my Inner Capital, which was right there, ready to shine and bring this project to fruition.

I was so confident in my spiritual approach, I ignored all the signals I wasn’t in alignment. No judgment.

I say over and over again that money is a huge teacher in my life — and it certainly didn’t disappoint in this situation. Having moved through the situation, I am appreciative of the opportunity to fine tune the parts of my belief system, which were out of alignment with the creation I desired. Without the signals, I would simply keep recreating the same situation.

Take a moment and think about what you want to create. Are you more in alignment with the belief of the power of the Universe to bring your desire or the fear you won’t receive?

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