Can You Negotiate with Money?


Knowing Universal Law is liberating and infuriating all at the same time.

I remember talking with one of my very first mentors and he was telling me about the “freedom” I had because I created my own reality.

Reluctantly, I considered his words.

While it did seem exciting, the weight of the world seemed to settle around my shoulders.  What an incredible amount of responsibility.  Only myself to blame if things didn’t turn out in joyful ways.

So I resisted for a while. And then I became curious and started asking many “why” questions.

Why would I have created this situation or that situation?  Why was this painful situation something I’d create?

Those questions led to a deeper understanding of my own personal gifts and life mission, but also, an understanding that we often create (mostly unconscious) agreements.

Agreements about how we will be treated in relationships.
Agreements about how happy we can be on a daily basis.
Agreements about how successful we’ll be.

And yes, agreements about how much money or abundance we will allow in our lives.

Too often we think these agreements are in our lives because of the fault of other people: the government, our extended family, socio-economic realities, the general unfairness of life.

In reality, the agreements are formed with our wounded Self.  The one who looks at the world through outdated beliefs, pain/knowledge that is passed down in our DNA from generations past, the one who made decisions about him/herself because of early experiences.

The agreements are largely invisible because we get so caught up in the physical reality they create that they seem impenetrable.  Unmovable.  Unchangeable.  It’s just the way life is.

And yet, every agreement can be re-negotiated.

Even the amount of abundance in your life.

If you were to take a big picture view of how abundance shows up in your life, what agreement do you think you have with money?

With love and compassion for what you’ve created, are you ready to re-negotiate?

Jennifer Bloome is the Fertile Business Midwife. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperous, fertile, Soul-satisfying life and business they desire. Ready to transform? Visit to set up your complimentary Belief Discovery Session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks that are keeping you from your own prosperous life.

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