Conscious Prosperity Evidence

I’ve been hearing wonderful stories from clients and participants in the Conscious Prosperity Community (read more about our community here); stories about the evidence that is showing up for them as they work on creating all forms of prosperity throughout their business and life.

Sometimes this evidence comes in the form of a new client, or an unexpected check.

Sometimes this evidence comes in the form of a new dominant feeling or vibration: joy, contentment, excitement, purpose.

Sometimes this evidence comes in the form of more time.  More love.  More balance.

All of the evidence points to consciously creating a business that is in alignment with values and purpose…and I’m loving hearing all of it! ¬†Since hearing other people’s evidence can be so helpful when you are looking for your own, I’ve created this blog post to invite each of you to share your own successes.

Share about your shift in vibration, your shift in emotion, wonderous new clients, speaking engagements, decisions you’ve been able to make that support the life you want to live, relationships that are coming (or going) – all of these are evidence of conscious prosperity.

Share what comes up for you when you read other people’s posts – kudos for them, questions about how they shifted their vibration, how you are going to implement new techniques or habits in your life.

Looking forward to the conversation!


  1. Jennifer,
    I just had to share with you what happened after our call last week. I went into the call with some feelings of despair and seeing how I was struggling with a low vibration. I felt wonderful after the call ended. That’s good news but the great news is that while I was on the call, I had two potential clients send messages to me. It felt as if once I got clear and raised my vibrational level, the prosperity flowed in a big gush!! Thank you so very much!!

    • Jennifer Bloome says

      Hi Liz,

      Thank you so much for sharing!

      First of all, I appreciate the vulnerability in talking about being in a low vibration place at the beginning of our call. One of the pitfalls about knowing about energy and vibration and their affect on our lives and prosperity is that we tend to beat ourselves up, or not want to admit even to ourselves that we are in a low vibration. After all, we know all we need to do is boost our vibration and life will start flowing again. Because it sounds easy, it feels like we should just be able to do it all of the time. Oh, and on our own, all by ourselves.

      But, sometimes we get stuck. I continue to have a coach for those times when I am stuck. None of us are really ever “done” – just reaching new levels of connecting and creating and sustaining what we’ve created.

      Second, a big WAHOO for the client calls! How awesome to have evidence show up right away. Revel in how powerful you are; just a little bit of a nudge to get into alignment and the flow is starting up. So beautiful!

      Finally, thank you for letting me connect in with your energy during the call. You are a powerful woman, Liz. You have so much connection to Earth energy; that vital, sensual feminine force. It doesn’t surprise me how well you are able to connect with other women’s essences, help them feel it for themselves and then capture that on film. Divine work!

      Blessings to you,


  2. Dear Jennifer,

    It doesn’t matter where I am in my being when your call starts, by the time it is over, I am so much better. I have learned so very much from these calls, I certainly hope there is a way to continue them. Thank you for being you. Jo Ann

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