Conscious Prosperity Evidence


I’ve been hearing wonderful stories from clients and participants in the Conscious Prosperity Community (read more about our community here); stories about the evidence that is showing up for them as they work on creating all forms of prosperity throughout their business and life.

Sometimes this evidence comes in the form of a new client, or an unexpected check.

Sometimes this evidence comes in the form of a new dominant feeling or vibration: joy, contentment, excitement, purpose.

Sometimes this evidence comes in the form of more time.  More love.  More balance.

All of the evidence points to consciously creating a business that is in alignment with values and purpose…and I’m loving hearing all of it!  Since hearing other people’s evidence can be so helpful when you are looking for your own, I’ve created this blog post to invite each of you to share your own successes.

Share about your shift in vibration, your shift in emotion, wonderous new clients, speaking engagements, decisions you’ve been able to make that support the life you want to live, relationships that are coming (or going) – all of these are evidence of conscious prosperity.

Share what comes up for you when you read other people’s posts – kudos for them, questions about how they shifted their vibration, how you are going to implement new techniques or habits in your life.

Looking forward to the conversation!

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