Do Your Prosperity Roots Go Deep Enough?


Autumn is so lovely here in Minnesota and I spent this past Sunday doing one of my favorite activities: exploring. My husband and I took off just after noon with a couple of areas in mind and simply started wandering.

We ended up exploring an area that is being restored to native prairie — it was filled with tall grasses, wildflowers, even a herd of bison. Love the unexpected!

Along with the beautiful views, the restoration group had a great diagram showing how prairie plants grow:

Praire Grasses

Do you notice that the roots of the plants are as deep as the plants are tall? The taller they grow, the deeper the roots must grow in order to sustain the plant.

Prosperity is exactly the same.

Your prosperity roots (beliefs, relationship with money, etc.), must mirror the growth you want to experience in the world around you.

So take a moment, close your eyes, center in your heart, and ask the following questions:

How deep are my roots?
Is my system of roots robust enough to support my growth?
Are my roots planted in fertile soil?
What do I get to let go of or activate to deepen my roots?

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