End Money Damsel in Distress Syndrome

Have you ever sat alone at night and wished for the winning lottery ticket numbers?

Have you ever begged, cajoled, or demanded the Universe just GIVE you the money already?

If so, you might have “damsel in distress” syndrome.

This morning I was thinking about some habitual thoughts that have poked their heads up from time to time for me and suddenly, I realized with those thoughts, I was acting like a damsel in distress.

That was a really uncomfortable awareness.

I am a strong, independent woman. I am at Mt. Holyoke graduate. I’m a freaking double Huntress (in the Soul Language paradigm). And I was waiting for money to save me.

Part of me saw money as the knight in shining armor. The one that was going to erase all the pain. The one that was going to erase all the suffering.

But it wasn’t showing up the way I wanted it to. And it made me feel like I had been left behind by the universe. That I was the “broken” cog in the giant Universal wheel.

However, what I can see now is money was being my knight in shining armor, just in a different way than I had ever imagined.

Because I didn’t win the lottery, because I didn’t get some crazy influx of cash, I had to do the only thing that was really ever going to work in the first place: I had to change my relationship with money.

I had to honor my own connection with divinity. I had to claim my gifts. I had to claim my voice. I had to show up in a clear current and conscious way with money.

Doing this has led to infinitely more happiness than simply being gifted the money.  Not because it was harder, but rather because it reconnected me with the true source of my Beingness.  From that connection, all is possible — money and more.

Do you know that scene in Pretty Woman? The one at the very end where Richard Gere is climbing up the fire escape with the umbrella and bouquet of flowers, terrified of heights but doing it anyway?

Julia Roberts meets him halfway down. He asks, “What’s next, after the brave prince has rescued the princess,” and she says, “She rescues him right back.”

Relationship.  Connection.  Showing up.  Consciousness. Being a true partner with money.

That’s the powerful antidote to damsel in distress syndrome.

Jennifer Bloome is a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner. She teaches people a new language to communicate directly with their Soul, so they create a flow of Soul-Based Abundance that is in alignment with their gifts, talents and true nature. Ready to learn the language of your Soul? Sign up for a free Money Language Translation Session to learn one of the money languages of your Soul.

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