From Tragedy to Connection

Recently we experienced a tragedy in our community. A 16-year-old friend of my daughter chose to take her own life just after school finished for the summer.

My heart and soul continues to ache for her family, for my daughter, and for whatever the situation was that created this young woman’s complete despair.

When I allow myself to connect with Source, I know this experience is part of a much bigger vision and deeper meaning than is possible for me to know. And yet, that doesn’t ease the ache and pain of this moment.

As I allow myself to slip into the observer role, I can see I am trying to do everything possible to ease — or more honestly, cover up — the pain. Eating. Movie watching. Book reading. Anything to distract myself from the raw ache at the center of my core.

What were you taught about feeling emotion from the significant people in your life?

Feeling was not encouraged in my family. We were very head/mind oriented in my family; feelings were not supposed to be shared and if you felt bad, you were supposed to quickly find a different attitude.

But, why would you even want to feel pain? Why would you want to open yourself up to the depth of difficult emotions?

Your emotions are your connection to Source. Emotions are your connection to your vibration. Emotions are your connection to your body. Without these connections, you cannot co-create your life. You cannot engage in creating a soul-satisfying life.

When you don’t feel your emotions, you push them deep inside where they sit, vibrate, and continue to draw to you experiences that match the emotions. They are also huge energy drains, which draw vital life-force away from what you want to create.

Making the choice to lead a Soul-satisfying life and creating a business through your purpose isn’t always easy. However, it’s always rewarding in the end. Feeling your feelings is an absolute requisite to reach that rewarding end.

So for now, I sit and cry. I journal. I write. I feel everything. I remember to reach out and love my family. I have one more opportunity to stay in the flow. To consciously choose.

I am deeply grateful for such an amazing gift from this beautiful soul’s short journey. I am certain that everyone else whose life she touched would have another gift to share.

Love and blessings to you and your whole family, Laura.

Jennifer Bloome is the Fertile Business Midwife. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperous, fertile, Soul-satisfying life and business they desire. Ready to transform? Visit to set up your complimentary Belief Discovery Session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks that are keeping you from your own prosperous life.


  1. Dear Jennifer,
    I’m sorry for the loss that you have experienced. Suicide is a complicated thing. I don’t know if anyone will ever understand this frustrating, painful experience that some family and friends have to experience. I witnessed the suicide of a friend of mine back in 2009 and although I didn’t think I would ever recover from that experience, I now know that she is at peace and I have peace know that I have handed the WHOLE situation and experience over to God and He has taken it from me.
    I know I had to feel the feelings I felt, I needed to forgive the situation and the experience, and I needed to let it go into the light, into the Universe. I am now free of it.
    I pray that you, your daughter, her family and everyone involved will find the strength to do the same.
    Many hugs,

    • Jennifer Bloome says

      Thank you, Cathleen. It is so complicated isn’t it? When I am able to pull back from the emotional intensity of the situation, I can see that there is a much bigger picture than I could ever know from my very human vantage point.

  2. Dear Jennifer, Your post leaves me aware of a deep sorrow for this child. A deep sorrow, for it seems that she could not find the feelings, that you so clearly articulate are necessary to feel in order to connect with Self: mind-body-spirit, and with Source. I have no wish to judge her or her family for what is – as a mother of a teenager, I reminded by your sharing how they are fragile beings. And may your wisdom to feel the deep feelings now, be shared to bring some peace to your daughter, and if possible, to this girl’s family. Blessings to all of you,

    • Jennifer Bloome says

      One of the most precious gifts of this experience has been the ability to have very deep conversations with my own children. To remind them that there isn’t anything that can’t be shifted or changed, even though in the moment it might seem completely hopeless and devastating. The very experience of being a teenager – wanting to fit in, wanting to be liked and not always knowing how – disconnects them from their own connection to Source.

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