HGTV and Releasing Judgment


I am an HGTV junkie. Seriously. Property Brothers. Love it or List it. House Hunters. Income Property. The only way to stop the addiction is to turn the TV off before the next episode has a chance to start.

Over the last several weeks, one of the programs (Love it or List it) has turned the tables a bit and has taken on their own cast members for house renovations. If you aren’t a junkie like me, the premise of this show is that a designer and a realtor team up. The designer does a remodel of your existing home, the realtor finds you a new home. At the end, the participants decide to “love” their new home or “list” it.

In a bit of a twist, the show took on the homes of one of the team’s designers and contractors.

I was floored. Their homes were in terrible shape.

This sense of amazement didn’t come as a result of a judgment of how they lived, but rather from the fact that these people are on TV all the time, helping other people create homes of their dreams, while their own homes are nothing like what they want.

I suppose I could go off on the tangent of how false TV personalities are — but that is not at all what came up for me.

Instead, what struck me was these people do beautiful work. They create dream homes for people all the time, despite what they’ve done (or haven’t done) for themselves. The results are evident. They know their gifts and use them even when their own lives aren’t perfect.

How many times have you held yourself back from giving your gifts to the world because your life isn’t perfect? How much shame are you holding onto that your internal house isn’t in divine order?

What if you could let this go? How much more energy, focus, and ability would you have?

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