Love and money?

In order to get organized for a large family party in June, my husband and I made a three page list of to-dos. Sunday morning, I awoke early to get started on the items I’d picked out for myself the night before.

Instead, I found myself going through a stack of old magazines. Mildly berating myself for not following “the plan,” this title jumped out at me:

Love and Money Issue

I love it when the Universe adds its wisdom to “my” plan!

The love and money issue has been rearing its head in my life for some time now. And while I’ve dealt with it at a variety of levels, I’m certainly being invited to work with it in a much bigger way.

Love and money are tangled for many people. Often it has to do with our ability to expect and receive our good in areas that often have been filled with challenging experiences.

Here are a series of questions to help you begin to untangle the love and money issue:

What conscious and unconscious boundaries have you put up (or not put up) around love and money in your relationships?

Would you prefer to receive love or money? Which is easier for you to receive?

Do you trust love or money more?

In a relationship, which is more charged for you?

Which do you have an easier time giving?

If one is easier to receive than the other, what can love or money teach you about receiving the other?

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