Make Money Come Alive for You


Have you ever noticed what happens when an amazing dancer dances? Even if the dance is centered in the legs, all parts of her body are moving. There is something different happening at each shoulder. Each of her arms and all of her fingers are in different positions, different shapes.

The result is a fluid movement that is alive.

Money can be the same way.

Except most of us think of money as one dimensional. We are using money for one thing and one thing only.

That “thing” depends on your early conditioning.

Do you view money as a way to feel secure?

As a yardstick that measures your value?

As a way to demonstrate your power? Or understand someone else’s power?

As a way to express love? Or measure the love you are receiving?

When we’re trapped into our one view, money becomes one-dimensional. One-dimensional movement is not even possible! There is no flow here. No fluidity. No life.

The Truth is, money is energy, it’s naturally multi-dimensional; it has the ability to shape-shift into whatever you ask of it.

The more you release your old conditioning about money, the more money can shift into coming through experiences that are much more multidimensional: freedom, joy, expression, heart-based connection, and more.

Let money come alive for you!

Jennifer Bloome is a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner. She teaches people a new language to communicate directly with their Soul, so they create a flow of Soul-Based Abundance that is in alignment with their gifts, talents and true nature. Ready to learn the language of your Soul? Sign up for a free Money Language Translation Session to learn one of the money languages of your Soul.

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