Resistance much?


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I had a fun example of a Universal principle the other day.

One of the positives of having my son off enjoying his college experience is I get to drive our car as opposed to the family van. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with driving a minivan, but I have been enjoying the opportunity to drive something a little sportier!

Another gift is my son left behind a piece of technology — a device that connects an iPhone to the radio. This comes in especially handy because I love listening to Abraham-Hicks when I’m driving, but sometimes there is so much ambient noise I can’t hear the speaker on my phone very well.

Now, this little device works by using an FM station setting on the radio. The only downside to this is occasionally, when you pass certain kinds of wires, or get in range of other kinds of signals, static comes on instead of what’s playing on my phone. It had been so long since I’d used the device, I’d forgotten the inconsistency.

So one day last week I’m tooling along, enjoying the sun on my face as I drive, hearing the words of Abraham. We are getting to a really juicy part, I up the volume, so I can catch every word… and all of a sudden there’s static. Complete frustration.

When I finally am able to stop at a stoplight, I lean over and can see the track is still playing, I just can’t hear it. I turn everything off, feeling really frustrated.

Then I had to laugh: What a perfect metaphor for how many of us experience the divine and prosperity.

The Divine, source of all abundance, is constantly with us, constantly speaking to us, constantly guiding us to our greater expansion and good.

And yet we humans throw up resistance all the time: When am I finally going to breakthrough? When is it going to happen for me? I’ve been working so hard and the same thing keeps happening. There must be something wrong with me. I’m afraid I’m not going to get what I want.

This resistance acts like static, not only obscuring the voice of the Divine, but physically stopping our flow of abundance.

Where do you have the most resistance to hearing the Divine and/or receiving your flow?

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