Self-Compassion for Business Success


One of the primary messages I heard from my family growing up was to work hard for what I wanted; or another variation, “nothing comes without hard work.”

While I completely agree there is no way to have a business without putting in time and effort, the underlying message to “work hard or else” simply backfires energetically.

Making working hard the focus generally means a lot of harsh self-talk. It means a lot of striving and pushing and effort. None of this is conducive to the soft, open, joyful, relaxed nature that connects you with the deep part of yourself, the part connected with Source.

From that soft, open, joyful place, so much more is possible.

The Universe has been quick to remind me of this in so many ways over the last few weeks. During an energy session, the practitioner shared the message “Be Kind to Yourself.”

Pulling cards from the beautiful “Path of the Soul” Destiny Cards, I kept receiving Quan Yin. According to their guidebook, Quan Yin is the Bodhisattva of Compassion and she represents the compassion and kindness towards oneself.

You know how when you hear something multiple times in multiple places, it’s time to pay attention?

So I’ve begun to recommit myself to paying attention to self-compassion, to kindness towards myself. I’ve made difficult choices to say no to some opportunities. I chose to go to an activity that I really wanted to do even though my mind told me I needed to stay home and work.

I’ve allowed myself to step into compassion for who I am right now.

And, as usual, when I reopen to that beautiful flow of Source all things change. Writing new web copy becomes a breeze. Ideas download without effort. Solutions to problems come seemingly from out of thin air.

Where can you begin to create self-compassion for yourself, right here, right now? Imagine what could shift in your business with this idea as your primary focus.

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.