This is the Easy Part


I want you to bring your gifts and purpose in a big way this year. Here are three elements to remember to bring all that is in your heart into physical being:

  1. Big Ideas Create Big EnergyAs soon as you begin playing around with big ideas, it’s as if they have an energy of their own. This energy acts like a huge beacon, highlighting all that is within you that doesn’t energetically match your goal or vision.

    This is one of those “blessing in disguise” opportunities.

    If you are aware of this dynamic, then that light is a blessing. You clear out what doesn’t match so you can move forward.

    If you aren’t, then life may seem to get really messy. You may define this messiness as procrastination, or communication problems, or road blocks may keep appearing in other areas of your life, or physical issues may come up in your body.

    Each of those “messes” is real — not imaginary — but they are present because you’ve stirred the pot. You’ve changed the status quo. The parts of you who learned early on it wasn’t safe to be seen, or you don’t deserve great things happening to you, or it isn’t safe to shine in such a big way, are going to squawk in any way possible to get your attention.

    The key to moving toward your vision is to understand this and know how to clear out the energy that doesn’t match your new vision.

  2. Believing is SeeingWhat we know about the energetics of the Universe is that you have to hold your vibration to match with what you want in order for it to manifest.

    It can be hard, though, to hold the space of believing in what you want long enough for the physical evidence to start to show up. As time goes on, it gets easier to notice the NOT showing up. All of a sudden now you’ve shifted the energy of the situation. You haven’t shifted your desire for your goals, simply the energy around your desire.

    To keep moving toward your vision, spend time each day feeling the energy of your vision. The most important work you’ll ever do is to continue to create the internal feeling of what you want.

    The Universe responds to your vibration, not your vision board.

  3. Where’s it Coming From?If you are diligently implementing #1 and #2 and your vision simply isn’t unfolding, check in with the motivation behind your goal.

    Is the motivating factor based in fear? Desperation? Now, none of us like to admit we are feeling fear or desperation, but we all do at some point. The key is to simply be curious about your emotions, not judgmental.

    If you get really honest with yourself and notice you are motivated by fear, you are amping up the vibration of fear. Your vision is not going to unfold.

    Make sure your vision is based on a connection with your heart and Source, not on the fears that keep you separate.

As you include these three elements into your daily routine, you will see a much more powerful unfolding of your vision and goals. I can’t wait to hear what unfolds for you!

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.