What Do You See?


Have you ever felt a time when you were completely and totally guided? When you wanted something, but you allowed yourself to be in a mind~body~spirit mindset that created space for the guidance you needed?

I’ve had a sprinkling of those kinds of experiences in my life, but none as powerful as this past week.

I know a lot about the laws of the Universe. I’ve read hundreds of books. Studied with masters. Had countless healing sessions. Yet, nothing prepared me for the speed and directness of the Universal guidance that I received this past week. I felt like I had the answer to the ‘problem’ I’ve been seeking, completely and totally downloaded to me.

The answer itself is very exciting to me. As a kinesthetic person, it’s important for me to be able to feel connected to my work, to my message. Don’t get me wrong, I love the work I’ve been doing and have created success for myself and my clients. And yet, I’ve been looking for a tweak to my message to the world for some time now. I knew there was something more.

But, even with all of the knowledge I had about the Universe and how these kinds of things work, the voice in my head went something like this:

I have to have the answer
What if the answer never comes
I needed this answer Yesterday
I can’t move forward without this answer
If I don’t get this answer, I’m going to have to come up with something else to do
I need the answer
I need the answer
Oh, by the way Universe, I Need the Answer

Not a particularly flattering picture, I will admit. And, in addition, guess what? It didn’t work.

Pushing and striving and needing don’t fly with the Universe. No matter how many times I prove this to myself, I seem to need another lesson in it. We’re all taught that it’s hard work that pays off. And action is a very important piece of the puzzle of creating an answer.

It’s just not the first piece.

As I allowed myself to get comfortable into the Truth that I didn’t know the answer, I was okay even without the answer, and there was no timetable to meet, I got my answer. Sitting in a morning meditation, writing in my journal, a light bulb went off in my mind. The answer simply unfolded before me.

The funny thing is: I had all the puzzle pieces already around me. The answer was right in front of my face. Just like those illusions that show two pictures and you only have to relax your focus and suddenly you see them both clearly.

What is an answer that you are striving for in your business? How can you let go of needing the answer enough so the answer, which is already present, can be downloaded to you?

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email info@jenniferbloome.com to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.

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