Are you strangling your money flow?


How does money flow to you?

Does it matter to you?

A part of me is highly invested in making my own way. Having a stream of income through my business that I can claim as my own. Being my own independent source of revenue – regardless of the fact that I am in a 30+ year marriage in which we have always co-mingled funds.

If I were to say that to a professional in the financial planning community, my guess is that I would be congratulated for that view. No marriage is guaranteed forever. No person’s income is ever guaranteed, etc.

This is deemed the smart view to hold.

However, when I start viewing that belief through the energetic lens, the Soul lens, there are some red flags for me because I can feel that fear, not freedom, is what is fueling that part.

That part wants to maintain control. That part fears what might happen in the future. That part holds so tightly to being INDEPENDENT that it strangles my connection with Divinity. When that happens, the Divine (metaphorically of course) pushes back from the relationship table and says, “ok, whatever you want! I don’t have to use my infinite connection to supply you. Go for it!”

Actually, independence is not the part of the equation that is pushing out the Divine. What is pushing out, strangling, my connection is the absolute KNOWING on the part of this part that earning money through my business is the singular way to independence.

The reality is that I can be the independent source of receiving money when I choose to remember that money can flow to me through infinite ways. That the Divine is the ultimate source of ALL money.

When I choose to be a Receiver of money rather than a Maker of money, all the infinite ways of receiving money are now available to me. I still maintain my independence in that I, alone, am responsible for my connection to Divinity. I, alone, control the open-ness or closed-ness of my valve with Source.

True independence, making my own way, is knowing how to be open to Divine flow and to be open to receive money in all of its forms.

This is one of the ah-has and one of the shifts I have made personally as I have been diving more deeply into my own personal Receiving Contract.

If getting more acquainted with your Receiving Contract and shifting the rules you have in place for receiving your resources, get in touch with me.

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