Expanding Your Prosperity Structure

A couple weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with a client. She spoke about how she had so much growing and unfolding in her life and yet, there was a part of her that was beginning to think in terms of “if” it continued instead of “when” it continued.

Various parts of her Being were being triggered, beginning to feel unsafe, and it created an internal tension, which in turn created a sense of caution as she looked forward.

Why share this? Her experience is such a brilliant example of what so many of us do when the tide begins to turn and we begin to receive what we’ve been asking for.

I say this all the time and I’ll say it again: we human beings are such interesting critters. Status quo feels infinitely safer to our more basic parts even when we consciously want more.

However, here’s the thing: once we know that is a basic tendency, basic programming, now we’re aware and we get to change that dynamic. We get to lead from a more conscious part of ourselves.

So I ask you: How much prosperity can you hold?

And I mean any type of prosperity: love, relationship, money, beauty, health, time, freedom, etc.

How much can you receive without getting that internal thought, “Uh-oh.” How much can you receive before you begin to wonder when it’s going to end?

Do you begin to feel unsafe when the floodgates finally open and you begin to receive what you’ve been asking for?

Are you willing to expand your internal container, your internal measuring stick, so you can receive more prosperity?

If you are, close your eyes. Feel yourself grounded to Mother Earth and open to the Divine. Now, ask to become aware of your internal success container — whether you can see it, feel it, or simply know it’s there. Begin to take a series of deep breaths. Each time you breathe in imagine you are infusing your container with the Divine and Mother Earth. Feel that energy beginning to soften the strands that make up the container. Notice each time you breathe, the container expands that much more. Continue as long as it feels good.

Set the intention that your internal container will continue to expand and you receive any clarity on old thoughts/beliefs, which stop the expansion. Know that those can be easily cleared to continue to allow your expansion.

Jennifer Bloome is the Fertile Business Midwife. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperous, fertile, Soul-satisfying life and business they desire. Ready to transform? Visit JenniferBloome.com to set up your complimentary Belief Discovery Session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks that are keeping you from your own prosperous life.


  1. Beautiful, Jennifer! And once again absolutely spot on for me and my issues–thanks so much.

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