Feeling Good Matters Experience Day 2


Yesterday, the first day of my Feeling Good Matters Experience, was a whirlwind of experiences and feelings.

I started the day doing something I’m really good at: generating a fabulous feeling.  After the meditation and EFT,  I felt completely expanded and in a state of positive expectation.  And, the experiences of the day matched that state.  I had a client restart sessions, a practitioner happened to find me on the web and wants to resell my line of fertility meditations, I received two checks in the mail, and had amazing family experiences.

I noticed something interesting, though.

As each wonderful experience happened, I had a voice in the back of my mind saying, “don’t get too attached, you know this can’t last.”  Not only was the voice present, but I noticed a background of anxiety and worry starting to build.

By the end of the day, the anxiety was ever-present.  I could blame it on the over-the-top busy week that I have.  Or the fact that I am preparing to leave the office for two weeks on vacation.  Or the fact that my family’s schedule is busy with all three children out of school.

I’m sure that all contributed.

But, what I really think was going on was I created such a “high” emotion and I’m not used to sustaining that high emotion no matter what is going on in my physical surroundings.

We learn very early to look around us to decide how to feel.  If something amazing is happening (like connecting with an acupuncturist from Ireland as I did today), I feel good.  If something frustrating is happening (like having a complete communication breakdown with my spouse), then I feel bad.  But, to truly put emphasis on feeling good means finding ways to feel good even if the external world is showing me something different.

Since I announced this experience very publicly (nothing like a .little accountability!), I was really pushing myself to feel good ALL the time.  I realized very quickly during the day how much my emotions really fluctuate during the day.

I don’t believe that I need to hold the high level of emotion I achieved with my morning routine in order to make this experience “a success”.  Life is full of contrasting emotions and experiences.

What I learned is to keep finding my way back to my center, to the still point within me.  From here, it’s easier to make a choice to step into the better feeling thought.

As I continue to move forward with this experience, I want to get in touch with that voice I mentioned earlier – the one that is essentially waiting for the other shoe to drop, because things can’t be “this easy”.  That voice has a lot to share with me, I’m sure.

Hope all is well with each of you.  Let me know how your experiences are going!