Hidden Reason That Blocks Financial Nourishment



We all crave it at some level.

When we are nourished, we are safe. Protected. Full (in all ways). Satiated. Warm. We have everything we could possibly need and trust that it is with us to stay.

The Divine offers many forms of nourishment that you could categorize as prosperity and abundance: time, health, relationship (with your Self and others), beauty, AND money.

For a variety of reasons, we have pushed money away, labelling it as a “bad” or the “least attractive” form of nourishment.

Maybe it is fear that we will become focused ‘only’ on the money or wanting to make sure we don’t tie our value into our bank account, or feeling if we are to be of service, then money ‘shouldn’t’ be important.

But I believe there is a layer below these reasons, one that often stays tucked away and hidden.

We have created a habit of pushing away Divine nourishment. Wanting to do everything for ourselves. Pushing away anything that even hints at ease or help, or assistance for ourselves.

“No, no, I’m fine” seems to be the general sentiment.

Money gets pushed away even more strongly than other forms of Divine nourishment because we have made money only about our work — our involvement.

If you stand and look at Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, or the majestic Redwoods, acknowledging the hand of the Divine is easy.

But your bank account? That’s all you, right? And it means more if you’ve sweated and toiled, right? Better not receive any Divine nourishment here…

It is TIME to let this one go.

It is TIME to embody the knowing that what is important is we are *being* the fullness of our Divine Self. And to embody the knowing that to do this, we must accept Divine nourishment in all of its forms because it will amplify our ability to *be* the fullness of our Divine Self.

Imagine what you could create from a place full nourishment?

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Jennifer Bloome is a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner. She teaches people a new language to communicate directly with their Soul, so they create a flow of Soul-Based Abundance that is in alignment with their gifts, talents and true nature. Ready to learn the language of your Soul? Sign up for a free Money Language Translation Session to learn one of the money languages of your Soul.

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