How Can Money be “God-in-Action”?


What is money?

We can describe money in many ways: fun to have, powerful, scarce, hard to come by, earned, dangerous, life changing, success…and on and on. However, these labels come from looking at money as simply the paper (or digital bits) it is printed on and the outcome that those bits have on our lives.

This is a little like looking at your car in frustration after it shuts down because you didn’t know the gas tank was empty.

What powers money? What is money at its very heart, its very source? Where does money originate?

Just like everything else in this physical world, money is a form of Source. All that is in your world — from the furniture in your office, to your body, to the beautiful autumn trees — is a physical representation of Source energy.

Money is simply one more form of that energy. Money is Source energy. And if it’s true that money is Source, then it is also true money is Divine love. God-in-Action.

I will admit to having a hard time with this concept in the beginning. After all, if money is Source energy, then why don’t we all have overflowing abundance? If money is God-in-Action, why do people who hurt other people receive money?

Answers to these questions could fill 10 books, but let’s start here: The amount of money we have in our lives is simply evidence of how much we allow Source energy to flow to and through us. Money follows our intentions and deepest beliefs about ourselves, our “enough-ness,” our “deservability,” and more.

Many of us believe if we figure out how to just be “good enough,” do the “right” actions, be the “right” person, think the “right” thoughts, and then we’ll be rewarded by a flow of abundance, by gifts from the Divine. In actuality, abundance and other Divine energy flows in direct proportion to what we ask for and allow ourselves to receive.

The results of God-in-Action, including money, start with you.

Jennifer Bloome is the Fertile Business Midwife. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperous, fertile, Soul-satisfying life and business they desire. Ready to transform? Visit to set up your complimentary Belief Discovery Session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks that are keeping you from your own prosperous life.

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