Make 2020 the Year That…


… you don’t have to think about money ever again.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Wouldn’t it be freeing to just *know* money is taken care of?

You have enough and more for everything?

You are now free just to *be* yourself? And simply live your life?

Are you saying, “Great, I’m all in, Jennifer! Now, HOW?

There are many ways to create this kind of money. You could have multiple side hustles. You could deprive yourself of small daily loves to make sure you’re saving every penny you can. You could spend all your extra cash on lottery tickets. You could take all the marketing classes and build six figure level businesses.

But you know what? No matter how successful you are at any of those action steps, you are never going to have the feeling state I described.

Why? Because you are using the results of your action to decide how to feel. Once a specific result is over, there’s nothing on which to base the feeling. Now you have to have MORE action to make MORE money to start to feel safe. Or worthy. Or happy. Or free.

You have Free Will, so you can choose to do things however you want. But, I’m telling you right now — action alone is the hard way. And the painful way. And the path to suffering.

The only way I have ever found to create a feeling of peace, safety, and freedom with money is to trust my relationship with money. To know, right now, no matter the state of my bank account, I have all I need. All I want is on its way to me. I am safe.

From that basic feeling state, I can control how fast money comes by upping my expectation AND listening to the external action steps my Soul and Money share with me.

When the feeling comes first, the action is much more: joyful, sustainable, effortless, and rewarding.

This is not a one-and-done, secret-sauce, magic pill formula.

I would describe it as a practice. A practice done regularly and so consistently that I find peace and freedom NOW, which only amplifies my expectancy, which in turn makes regular, consistent changes to my bank account.

This practice is the center of my Prosperity Momentum program. A new program starts December 3rd and finishes on January 1, 2020, so you start the New Year, the new decade, in a brand-new relationship with money, in a brand-new feeling state with money, so your bank account can start seeing results as well.

If this resonates, I recommend signing up at least a week prior to the start, so we can get your languages identified and I have as much time as possible to create your Vibrate Abundance Plan. Officially, you have until December 1st to sign up.

Learn all about it here.

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