New Year, New Money?


When I write about New Year’s resolutions, invariably I get a comment like, “if somebody really wanted to make a change they wouldn’t wait for the New Year’s resolutions. They would just do it.”

And I suppose that’s true to a certain extent.

But what those commenters don’t understand about New Year’s resolutions, and what I learned in a powerful way in December, is that when we pair intention with a time frame (like the New Year), we are using the power of a sacred container.

When you engage a sacred container, you are declaring, “This is a potent period of time. Within this container I claim the power of focus, the power of intention, the power of stating my desires with clarity. This is happening.”

Once you set the sacred container, then you create daily habits that bring you back into that intentional, focused, powerful container. Each time you step back into the container, you gain momentum towards what you want.

I think what “goes wrong” with many New Year’s resolutions is we forget the daily habits. We spend all of this luscious time dreaming up and claiming what we want. But we forget to do the day-to-day steps that continue to engage us with that sacred container.

I understood this powerful nature of a sacred container in a new way during the last Prosperity Momentum program. We all came together with shared intentions and we put them in the container of 30 days. We had a specific practice that we did each day within that container, which allowed us to renew our focus every day.

This container wasn’t a silver bullet. It didn’t magically change people’s money relationship.

But what it did do was contain the focus in such a way that they were able to hold their intention long enough to be able to create real change. If they followed their Vibrate Abundance Plan on a daily basis, they bathed themselves in brand new understanding of money. They bathed themselves in a brand new understanding of their own worth. They bathed themselves in a brand new heightened awareness of their own value. They spoke their new beliefs and created the internal structure that supports a new external structure, a new relationship with money. They bathed themselves with the reminder they’re not doing this alone. They bathed themselves in a direct connection with Source energy.

Truly powerful to witness.

What is going in the sacred container that is 2019 for you? What are your daily habits going to be to keep momentum?

If a new relationship with money is your intention, and if you believe a sacred container would be helpful, and you’re ready to do the work of engaging that sacred container, I’d love for you to join us in our brand new Prosperity Momentum program, which starts January 14.

Jennifer Bloome is a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner. She teaches people a new language to communicate directly with their Soul, so they create a flow of Soul-Based Abundance that is in alignment with their gifts, talents and true nature. Ready to learn the language of your Soul? Sign up for a free Money Language Translation Session to learn one of the money languages of your Soul.

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