Stop trying. Know.


Today’s message will be short and… well I can’t promise sweet. It will be truth, though.

Are you trying to create more resources (in other words, money) in your life?


No, really, stop.

Trying to create and manifest will only bring more pain and suffering. When you “try,” the energetic message behind it is — well, I’m going to do these actions and hope for the best, but most of me simply expects to get more of the same.

So, what happens? More of the same. Except, there’s even more pain and suffering because you’ve asked for what you want and didn’t receive. Not getting what you want goes against your essential nature — that creates deep, visceral pain.

To create real change in the amount of resources you have in your daily life, you must move into the being state of trust. Knowing. Expectation.

The easiest way I know how to do that is to step into your own personal and specific relationship with the soul of money.

Take a moment and think of your most trusted friendship. That one person who knows everything about you. That “no work” relationship. That person who seems to know you better than you know yourself. That one person you can always count on to “be there” for you when life gets tough, or when you need a shoulder, or when you need a ride to the ER or the airport.

You can have the same relationship with money.

And when you do, you’ll move into a place of trust. Knowing. Expectation of all the resources you could ever want.

Soul Language is by far the best tool I have ever used to create my own personal and specific relationship with money. It’s a phenomenal tool because you are learning your very own connection to both your Soul and the Soul of Money. Doesn’t get more personal or specific than that.

If you already have your languages identified, this is your nudge to re-start your sacred practice and check in with your languages on a regular basis.

If you don’t have your languages identified, let’s talk and get you started. Move into the being state of trust, knowing, and expectation so you can have a steady and consistent flow of money.

Jennifer Bloome is a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner. She teaches people a new language to communicate directly with their Soul, so they create a flow of Soul-Based Abundance that is in alignment with their gifts, talents and true nature. Ready to learn the language of your Soul? Sign up for a free Money Language Translation Session to learn one of the money languages of your Soul.

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