Taking a pause for maximum financial growth


This past quarter has been about internal transformation for me. As part of that work, I have been engaging in a new practice that literally melts away all that doesn’t match my true essence. My experience of this process – up until yesterday – was a gradual release and feeling more revitalized with each practice.

Today, as I began the process, what I found inside was cavernous space. Space that echoed throughout my entire torso – from my pelvic floor, up to my throat, and out almost past the edges of my chest walls.

Made me want to use words like: empty, life-less, drained, etc. I felt an immediate pull to fill it back up, but I couldn’t find a single word or phrase in the moment that wanted to come into the space. There was even a moment that I wished for the old thoughts/habits to fill me back up so that I could feel comfortable again.

Knowing that wasn’t what I wanted, I took a series of deep breaths.

As my breaths circled around the inside of the empty space, I realized what had really happened.

By emptying myself of old beliefs, patterns, and experiences, I created an open vessel. A vessel that is full of potential. A vessel that is tuned to possibilities.

The reason I couldn’t fill it up with my current mantras is because I am ready to take another leap forward but I’m not 100% clear yet what that looks like.

This is the time to be tending my vessel, not filling it with goals that may or may not match my new energy.

Tending my vessel means giving myself time and space. Nurturing my whole being in Nature. Filling myself with love and compassion for the space I am in, right now. Pausing, in an even more intentional way, before selecting the next external action.

What I know about fully committing to the pause is that it allows me to receive the high, fine frequency of my business, the frequency of my heart, and the Divinity. This reception of the wisdom of all parts of me serves me in ways that I cannot duplicate with my human hustle and pushing.

When I listen, what I create brings deep satisfaction to me as a Soul and as a human who loves financial flow.

How are you at taking a pause? How are you at allowing yourself to be quiet enough to hear your own Divinity? How are you at allowing who you are in this moment to be enough?

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