How much good can you accept?


You are a Divine being.

You are literally wired to have the unlimited resources of Divinity.

And then daily life happens.

Maybe you watch your family struggle. Or your community. Or you have what you want, but lose it along the way. Or someone teases you for having too much.

As a result, you change your expectations and try new steps to have what you want.

You work hard. You sacrifice. You pretzel yourself into a person who does everything they are supposed to do.

And the rules work. Until they don’t.

You do everything you know how to do and you’re exhausted and you still don’t have what you want.

How do we change this?

As we watch our resources dwindle, or we decide we are no longer willing to spend our internal resources to get what we want, we can accidently close down what we expect to have.

Unconsciously we stop expecting the good and we shrink our internal receiving containers.


It’s painful to want something you don’t expect to have. It is easier to shrink. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Shrinking is one of the most painful things we can do.

You were meant to expand and expand and expand, not shrink. The pain and sadness and frustration is Soul-deep. Your Soul is fine… you feel pain because you are doing something your Soul won’t tolerate, won’t go along with.

You do not have to shrink — you get to change the rules.

Imagine the impact on the world if we all allowed ourselves continued expansion instead of shrinking to fit what is present in our lives.

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