My Prosperity Vision


Money has been called the root of all evil. The changer of character. The source of the power struggles that continue to play out in every layer of our society.

This creates severe conflict in many of us.

How can I want something that creates so much pain and suffering?

Why waste my time on wanting when there is so much pain and suffering in the world?

Why should I be so selfish?

Isn’t wanting ‘just’ an Ego desire that will separate me from who I am meant to become?

These are questions that arise from being separate from the root of money (which ultimately allows us to be, do, have what we are asking for, directly or indirectly).

At its core, money is a tangible resource of Divinity; it is Divinity in action.

Spiritual circles spout this regularly.

What if you remembered that Truth down to the essence in your bones. What would that mean?

That would mean that the root of asking and receiving what you want would be:

  • The belief in your own Self
  • The complete acceptance of yourself as Divinity
  • The wide open reception of all the resources from the Divine 
  • Be-ing your Divine Self

How does your life change when you know this?
What is the ripple effect in the world when we all know this?

THAT is my vision of prosperity. A world FULL of people who are living their Divinity, calling into being all that will support their path with joy, ease, delight, and fun. A world of greater equality as we know that we alone are all we need (in conjunction with Divinity, of course) to create. A world full of people living their Soul’s path, playing with each other, interchanging resources as Souls.

On board with me?