Testimonial: Kimberly Schneider


“I was dealing with some intense emotions around moving forward with an aspect of my business. I decided to book an EFT session with Jennifer and was delighted to find she zeroed right in on the thoughts and “stories” underlying my stressful feelings, all of which were inaccessible to me prior to our session.

I know that no matter how much time we spend in meditation or other awareness raising methods, we all have blind spots. Jennifer helped me identify some conflicting unconscious thoughts that were creating stress and confusion in my system…then, and here’s the beautiful part, she helped me release them.

If you are a high-level healer, teacher, or business person, you need a safe space where YOU can go to be nurtured and supported (you’re usually doing it for everyone else, right?). Jennifer can give you what you need to be at the peak of your life and business.”

Kimberly Schneider

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