Testimonial: Liz Schneider


“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Jennifer Bloome several times—in person and over the phone. Her calm guidance, as she spoke spirit-guided truths and performed EFT tapping on me, gave me an incomparable feeling of being embraced by love and compassion.

When we worked together on the phone, I had my doubts on the effectiveness of this intuitive, heart-based work being handled from afar, but my concerns were needless. I had specific issues that I wanted support with and the information-gathering Jennifer did at the start of the session truly cleared away the chaff and got down to the kernel of my need.

Jennifer Bloome has a heart-based gift to heal and to teach others. As an entrepreneur and a mother, my needs are varied and the support I look for is easily found in her. Are you ready to acknowledge and work through your blocks or false thoughts? Isn’t it about time for you to release the weight of those thoughts and just fly free? Contact Jennifer, so you can start, NOW.”

Liz Schneider

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