The Power of Negative Thoughts

From time to time, I find myself stuck in the same old thoughts.  It’s like a merry-go-round in my head; and the wheel is moving so fast that I’m suctioned down, no room for anything new.

At times like these, I tend to be hard on myself.  Okay, very hard.  After all, I help coach people through these thoughts and out onto “the other side”, back into alignment with what they want.  Shouldn’t I be able to do that for myself 24/7?

I’ve been in one of these endless circles recently.  And then just this morning, I received the following “Daily Quote” from Abraham-Hicks:

You are on the leading edge of thought, taking thought beyond that which it has been before.  Who cares that thoughts have led up to this.  You’re in the fresh now, and many of the thoughts that you vehemently oppose are the very thoughts that have given you the desire that has attracted the clarity of where you now stand.

No matter how awful you think they might be, all were of value in the evolution forward.

Every one of them.

No matter where your head is, no matter where your thoughts are, you are right where you need to be. 

As soon as I gave myself permission to be right where I was, the merry-go-round stopped; not so fast that I was flung into space, but a slow gradual stop.  So much easier to now reach for the better thought.   So much easier to be back in alignment.

And, I’ve just gained the clarity I need to see another layer of what I truly want.  That’s the power of both the ‘negative’ thoughts and the permission to let yourself be right where you are, right here in the powerful now, using the purpose of your emotions fully.  Letting your emotions be a guide – not a suction cup holding you in an endless repeating pattern.  Letting your emotions be your catalyst to step forward into what you really want.

Today, may you recognize the power of your negative thoughts.


  1. Great post, Jennifer! And, so true. Thank you for being so authentic and sharing of yourself and your inner process so that you can help other people who are in the same place. You're at the cutting edge of creating new thoughts, integrating body, mind and feelings. Keep shining your light! Andrea, Align Your Energy,

  2. Jennifer,
    I really appreciate this wisdom, and the idea to give myself permission to be where I am sometimes, rather than resisting those negative thoughts. As a human in the modern world, how many of us ARE able to keep the positive going 24/7? I know that I flow through it in waves. And YOU, with your coaching skills of breaking through some of those negative beliefs, have been instrumental to me when I've been stuck.

  3. Thank you so much, Liz! Permission to be where we are is so important..and afterall, where else could we be?! The opportunities that flow from being with our emotions – whether we term them positive or negative – are there for us. We just have to open up.

  4. Thanks, Andrea! My best teachers are the ones who are the most authentic with their own processes, so that's my goal as a healer and mentor.

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