Are You Extinguishing Your Own Light?

I can always tell when I’m about ready to leap to a new level, either personally or professionally. How can I tell? The world around me and my emotions within me get super rocky! I’d like to think that this pattern will eventually change; but, at least now I know what’s happening and can do something about it instead of just feeling helpless.

So in the midst of one of these rocky moments, I worked with a fabulous mentor of mine. She helped hold space for me as I tuned in to what Spirit wanted to show me about the issue at hand.

The image I received was that of a huge old-fashioned candle snuffer poised right over my head. Anytime I wanted to shine my light and reach out to others, the candle snuffer would come down and extinguish my flame.

No wonder I had fear and anxiety and other “rocky” emotions present. I was walking around with the fear of being extinguished.

With Andrea’s help and healing, I released the parts of me that were keeping this pattern alive. In its place came the sensation of being a very sturdy pillar candle with a huge flame. At the same time, the candle snuffer became very small and went so far away that I could hardly sense it anymore.

No chance of being extinguished now.

As soon as I had my own flame re-ignited, I received another image. This time, as I stood in my own strong authenticity, I was given a picture of the world spreading out in front of me.

I saw thousands upon thousands of lights. Some of the lights were strong, others were dim. But each one would be present and then disappear, then some would reappear only to disappear again.

In the split second it took to receive the image, I was overcome with tears. I could feel the thousands of people who were trying so hard to light their own lights, only to have them extinguished.

Each of the lights was extinguished in a different way, but the source was always the same: the old stories, beliefs, memories, and experiences we all hold that are trying to keep us safe. But, there’s a misunderstanding in the safety. The safety is simply an illusion and the accidental result is our true essence is covered up. Our lights are extinguished.

Not only is it exhausting and debilitating to have to keep re-lighting your flame, you can’t step into your flow of prosperity if your true essence is covered up.

In this image, I was given a picture of what I am really working on with clients when I help them align with prosperity. We are uncovering their true brilliance, their true essence so their authentic voice, their authentic being is able to sound its note.

When you vibrate in your true essence, stepping into the flow of your prosperity is easy. In fact, it’s automatic.

What are you ready to release, so your true essence can shine?

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