A Key Ingredient

As the Prosperity Alignment Healer, I help you align your body/mind/and spirit to your deepest desires for prosperity. This alignment now allows the Universe to bring you results to match your desires.

But, what is prosperity?

The first topic that comes to mind for most people is an abundance of money. Financial freedom. And this is, of course, an incredibly important aspect of prosperity. Yet, there is SO much more.

A prosperous life is one that is full—not busy, but rich (in the same way a dark chocolate mousse is rich) in all ways. A prosperous life is nurturing, exciting, vivacious. It’s feeling like you are doing work that matters, you are doing your life’s work. Prosperity is about all areas of your life—personal, business, relationships, and more.

It’s about getting to that place where you literally can’t imagine any more wonderful experiences coming to you, but they do, over and over and over.

The details of a prosperous life will look different for everyone. For me a prosperous life includes a lot of family time, both immediate and extended, going new places (preferably with a large body of water!). Being able to work from anywhere, having complete say over my schedule, having a circle of friends and business associates who share my view of the world.

Time to read, time to connect with the Divine.

Time to truly live my live purpose, which includes connecting with others and helping them dissolve the beliefs and patterns that keep them from remembering who they really are at their core. Helping people live their own life purpose, and to stop that inner critic who is so good at unraveling the best laid plans.

Last, but not least, having the financial resources to get my message out, to touch the people I want to touch, and to play the way I really want to play!

Having this definition of prosperity makes it easy for me to make life decisions—whether personal or business. I have a very good sense of whether new opportunities or choices are going to match with my ideal prosperous life or not.

Also, having this definition allows me to begin to expect my life to flow by this definition. That sense of expectation is a key ingredient to making the Law of Attraction bring me more of what I want and less of what I don’t.

Now it’s YOUR turn.  What’s your definition of a prosperity?  What’s your vision of your prosperous life?


  1. Jennifer,
    I am similar to you in that prosperity holds many facets for me. I will start by saying that I see prosperity and resources as virtually the same thing. I am prosperous when I have a wealth of people who understand and support me, personally and in business, when I have enough passion-building experiences to keep my fire fueled, when I get feedback from the Universe that I am fully supported on my path.

    This feedback comes in the way of energy exchange with others, time together, payment for services offered, honest acknowledgment of my talents and how they have had a positive impact.

    Thank you for creating this opportunity to discuss this.


  2. The richness comes from awareness and gratitude that I have so very much to offer, and that using my unique combination of learnings and energies continuously brings me everything I need to continue helping others toward living their best lives in a positive spiral that reaches still others as it and I continue to grow.

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