Traffic Ahead?

Before I was a business owner, I would have said running a business was based solely on logic and knowledge. Now that I have been in business for myself for over 10 years, I know that while those are important aspects, they aren’t the only ones, nor are they even the most important.

A successful, fertile business owner, one who has a business that is continuously flowing and in parallel with her values and desires, is able to take all the pieces of data that are coming at her and knows when to act, when to let something “percolate,” when to switch strategies, and more.

This ability comes from being able to use all your senses, all parts of you; your internal GPS, if you will.

How do you know, though, that your GPS is giving you accurate information?

Here are three ways that heart-centered, purpose based business owners end up getting faulty information:

  1. Not knowing how, or irregularly connecting with Source

    This has nothing to do with religion. We are all Spiritual Beings. We all have our own Source within us that is directly connected to that which is greater than our physical beings.

    You have to know how to connect with this part of yourself.

    This is not your rational, logical thinking mind. This part of you communicates through feelings, through wants and desires. We tend to ignore this part of ourselves, powering past her, throwing ourselves into action instead.

    When you don’t listen to this primary GPS, you end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off, or developing programs you fill but then require working endless hours for little money, or offering programs far from your purpose that don’t ever fill.

  2. Listening to others over YOU

    This includes mentors and experts in the field who are continually telling you what you should do: have a particular salary goal, market your business in one particular way, structure your business a particular way.

    I’m not saying mentors are bad, just make sure you remember they are simply telling you one way to do something. Of course, none of us needs to re-invent the wheel, working with someone who has “been there, done that” will absolutely shorten the time it takes you to reach success. Having a resource outside of yourself helps you see patterns and roadblocks that are keeping you stuck; I regularly work with mentors.

    However, the key to running a heart-centered, purpose-based business is listening to YOU. Your business must be an authentic match to who you are. You must show up as you, you must be comfortable; otherwise, you are going to be running major resistance in your energy system, which has the opposite effect to your success.

  3. Listening to the Inner Critic

    We all hear voices in our heads. Really. Unfortunately, those internal voices are often the least help. They whisper things like, “who do you think you are,” or “you’ve been at this for so long, why aren’t you more successful?” or “what are they going to think of me?”

    The issue with listening to this inner critic is that this voice tends to be louder than your connection with Source. Unless you’ve practiced listening to your Source, the Inner Critic is ever so much more believable in the moment.

    Symptoms of listening to the Inner Critic include procrastination, under charging, and under valuing the gift of what you have to offer, and more.

When you hone your connection with Source, that connection to the deepest part of whom you are, when you weigh others’ words against how it feels to this deep connection, and when you turn down the voice of that Inner Critic, you can’t help but be in the flow of your fertile business.

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.


  1. Great article, Jennifer! You’ve described so well what can throw things off for entrepreneurs. I know you’ve had a lot of experience of your own and guiding others through this and it shows. Keep guiding the way!

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