Vulnerability and Profits


Running a heart-based, purpose-centered business is an exercise of surrendering to vulnerability over, and over, and over.

When you build a business around your passion, your values, your wants and desires, what is the one constant? YOU.

There’s no large organization to hide behind. No corporate bosses. No policies that are out of your control. Just you.

While this is a powerful place to be, it’s also a very vulnerable place to be.

Here’s the thing about feeling vulnerable: when you are feeling vulnerable, the old stories and beliefs you carry about yourself tend to run the show. It’s hard to be a connected, present, purpose-filled business owner when those old tapes are blaring in your head.

Here are the top (3) vulnerabilities I see in my clients:

  1. Being Seen: In order to have clients, they have to be able to see you. However, when you are ‘putting yourself out there’ in new ways, it can be very hard to do it in a way that encourages thousands of people to be able to see you.

    How to know if this is one of your vulnerabilities: This can show up as simply as having difficulty putting a current picture on your website, stepping into the social networking realm, trouble getting yourself to local networking groups, and more.

  2. Being Judged: No one likes being judged. But, this is a particularly vulnerable area when you are putting your heart and soul out there for all to see.

    How to know if this is one of your vulnerabilities: This can show up as keeping your prices low, not putting out your true message (just one that you think most people would be okay with), watering down what you have to say, thinking more about what other people are going to think than what the deep connection within your body is telling you.

  3. Not Living up to Expectations (yours and/or the important people in your life): The expectations we place on ourselves are often so far and beyond what anyone else would ever expect of us. Yet, with all of our years of living, the most common unconscious decision I’ve seen my clients struggle against is the belief they have to be perfect to be accepted.

    How to know if this is one of your vulnerabilities: This can show up as procrastination, not getting specific goals, manifesting all kinds of external issues you have to deal with that take away the time you have to spend on your business.

The best news about this is that when you find your vulnerability, you’ve also re-discovered your ability to step in and be powerful.

When your business isn’t flowing, there’s always an underlying issue; feeling vulnerable and unsafe are two of the biggest culprits. Take some time this week, notice what isn’t flowing for you, and then get curious: what are the thoughts and beliefs that are stopping the flow?

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.