Do You Control or Allow?


I spend a lot of time talking about the Soul Money Relationship.

But what does it really do? Why does putting your focus on Soul change your very human bank account?

I am going to be sharing a whole host of reasons over the next month or so as I introduce a brand-new way of working with me. That sharing will be over on Instagram (join me @soul.abundance) or on Facebook — join me if we aren’t already connected.

Today I want to share about the difference between controlling and allowing as it relates to your financial bottom line.

The word “control” brings up a lot of feelings and thoughts — so many different connotations for that word and most of them are quite negative.

However, when it comes to the way we typically handle our money, particularly when we do not have as much as we want, we tend to control. When there isn’t quite enough (or we want to create more out of what we have), we reach for a budget. We focus on controlling our spending (no more lattes!), controlling what we can get into savings, controlling how many hours we work — adding more and more hours so we can finally have enough.

In short, we work hard to control what is flowing in and out.

Having a budget and knowing your numbers IS an important part of being a good steward with your money. However, tending that budget from a position of control is only going to create less in your bank account.

How does adding Soul change this dynamic?

When you approach the amount of money in your bank account through the eyes of your Soul Money Relationship, you remember the key to having more is opening up to receive. And the key to receiving is BEing the frequency of allowing.

From inside your Soul Money Relationship, you shift into the incredibly open-hearted, trusting state of allowing. You allow the Divine to support you. You allow money to flow in new and fun ways. You allow inspired action to show you where your money leaks are and how to fix them. You allow yourself to be aligned with your personal wisdom.

Take a moment and simply say the word CONTROL and then the word ALLOW. That body difference will show you exactly why allowing and being Soul-focused will make a difference in your bank account.

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