Got fear? Here’s what to do


I’ve had really loud fear messages recently.

Once they start, it is super easy to ride the fear spiral down into panic or even thought paralysis. That groove in my brain’s neural network is a well worn path.

Being in fear focuses every atom of your body on swimming in the problem.

You cannot find the solution when you are in the energy of the problem.

You cannot intentionally co-create with the Universe when you are in the problem.

You cannot enjoy a sumptuous life when fear messages are constantly stealing your attention.

The way out of this loop is to have every atom of your being focused on being the energy of the solution.

You don’t have to know what the solution is, but you must find a way to step into the knowing that no matter what this present moment looks like, the solution is also available (Universal law).

Focus every atom of your being in the solution and now you can hear inspiration and you can co-create with the Universe.

This is true if your fear stems from a body that doesn’t work the way you want, or your bank account is too low, or you just cannot find that relationship that makes your heart sing.

What to do if you cannot focus on the energy of the solution:

  1. If you just cannot get out of the fear, chances are there is some trauma (whether small t trauma or capital t Trauma) that is keeping your brain stuck in the fear. This is actually a good realization to have.Memories live in every cell of our body. When we try to skip ahead to the positive too quickly, we never get the chance to process through the memories. Processing is what *removes* the trauma from your body – and that in turn frees up your mind to make a new choice.

    If you know that this is small t trauma, use whatever tools you have to release it from your body (EFT is my favorite).

    If you just keep going in circles, or you know that this trauma is “too big” to work through on your own, that’s a sign to reach out for support.

  2. Are you trying to figure out what the solution is FIRST before being willing to be the energy of the solution?Let the Universe do the heavy lifting.

    The Universe already has the solution. Being willing to let go before you actually know what the solution is gives you access to the intuitive hits the Universe is going to send your way.

    Letting go is a fantastic life-skill. This is an amazing way to practice with low stakes.

Every time you release a trauma from your body, each time you allow yourself to let go and simply be the energy of the solution, you are opening yourself to take one more giant step into the actualization of your dreams, the actualization of your sumptuous life.

Know that you are ready for support to create this actualization? Schedule a time on my calendar for a conversation about how that happens and what package to choose. Click here for my calendar link.