What a sumptuous life isn’t


A sumptuous life is not about the stuff.

And it’s not not about the stuff.

Sumptuous is a feeling state.

A Sumptuous Life is having every aspect of your life evoke that feeling state. Whether it is the way you make your money, or the couch you have in your living space, or how you feel in each of your relationships.

The beauty of a Sumptuous Life is: it starts with you.

You define what sumptuous feels like to you.

And you choose what external circumstances meet that feeling.

If living in a tiny house on the shore of a glacial lake completely off the grid feels sumptuous to you – then that is your sumptuous life. 

So a sumptuous life is not about the stuff, nor is it not not about the stuff.

A sumptuous life is about giving yourself permission to live exactly in alignment with what brings you a feeling of deliciousness – in your environment, in your work, in your relationships, in your clothing, in your service, in your body.

What does sumptuous feel like to you?

Give yourself permission to receive that throughout every aspect of your daily life.

Claim and receive your own sumptuous life

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