Joy, Focus, and Abundance


By the time you read this newsletter, I will have finished thoroughly enjoying my eldest daughter’s wedding. If you are keeping track, this is the second child of mine to get married this summer. What I learned from my son’s wedding over Memorial Day weekend is that I should schedule more recovery time – so that’s what I am doing!

The other piece of wisdom that has come from this intense summer is that the joy is in the journey, not the destination.

Brenna chose to have a handfasting element in her ceremony. My job was to gather material from 4 different generations of both Brenna and Tyler’s families and sew them into a long, quilted rope to use during the handfasting.

I had my great-grandmother’s white tablecloth, a piece of Tyler’s mom’s veil, a knit jersey from his grandmother, childhood pillowcases, receiving blankets, and a number of already pieced-together fabric that were scraps from my mother-in-law’s quilting projects.

My relationship with sewing is that I have enough experience to be dangerous – it all sounds easy until you’re in the middle of the project.

I’d estimated that the sewing would take a day – it took twice as long. As I was cutting and piecing and sewing and wrangling many different kinds of fabric, I just couldn’t wait to be done. There were many, many frustrating moments because I just didn’t know what I didn’t know – and that created a need to find a seam ripper!

About three-quarters of the way through the project, I recognized what I was doing. I was focusing only on the end result and getting it done NOW. Getting it done seemed like the only way out of the frustration.

But when I allowed myself to stop and take several deep breaths, I was able to recognize what I was doing. So instead…

I started enjoying the feel of the fabric.

I imagined stitching love and support into every seam.
I imagined how the rope would look with its knots after the ceremony.
I gave appreciation that something my hands created will live on long after I’m gone.

The more I sat in appreciation and wonder, the more it didn’t matter that I kept getting poked by the pins that I had lined up the wrong way. Or that my fingers got sore as I worked the long rope from wrong-side-out to right-side-out. The worry that I wouldn’t get it done correctly stopped. The frustration and angst evaporated.

I found my joy in the journey.

The abundance journey is no different. We all want to get THERE. The full retirement account. The repetitive revenue stream. Receiving what we want when we want it. And we get frustrated and angsty when it Isn’t. Here. Now.

Not only does that make the time before you have what you want feel awful, the angst (while perfectly reasonable and justifiable) slows down the end result.

What are you willing to release to allow more joy on your journey to the abundance you seek? What are you willing to re-imagine in a new way?

What will allowing appreciation and wonder do to your daily rhythm and enjoyment?

I’m here to guide you to your answers and through your personal abundance journey. Three ways to do that:

  1. If you want to throw your phone or put your fist through your computer screen right now because the thought of being anywhere in the vicinity of appreciation and wonder about abundance makes you want to scream, then consider an Abundance Reset (info and investment here).
  2. If you know to the core of your being that you are ready to shift into an abundance journey that leads you to a sumptuous end result, consider the Sumptuous Life Program.
  3. If you are somewhere in the middle and want to build up the foundation for your abundance journey, start with getting your personal and money soul languages identified. That will give you the tools you need to start understanding what is happening right now along your abundance journey. Learn all about Soul Language Identification here.