Personal Health and Money


I’ve been on a health journey, a body journey really, for years and years.

My weight has been a problem. My health metrics have been a problem. My inability to exercise has been a problem. I have been on this quest to fix the problems so I could get back to, well, I’m not even sure I actually knew my goal. I just NEEDED my body to be different. That was the journey.

The other morning, as I was putting together my supplements, I had a huge ah-ha about this journey. I realized that somewhere along the way, I’ve moved away from wanting to fix a problem.

Sometime in the last few months, I’ve switched from trying to FIX my body problems to realizing that what I want, and what I have been doing is developing a relationship with my body.

I’m learning to listen to her. I’m learning to listen to my body’s cues and to respond in a way that I’ve never responded before. And things are changing in a way that they’ve never changed before.

It’s not like there’s been this instant wave of change – it’s not like the scale dropped all the pounds that I wanted it to drop or I’m immediately able to go back to all the hiking that I used to do, but something has changed in the essence of how I’m living in my being. I have new joy in living in my body which is not something I’ve ever had. That, in turn, allows more change.

This same shift is imperative in how we work with money and abundance.

So often we are trying to fix a problem:

  • I need my debt down.
  • I need to make a certain amount of money in my business
  • I need a new place to live
  • I need to be able to travel

To achieve these goals, we try all kinds of tactics to fix the problem of (fill in the blank).

Sometimes the tactics work. Sometimes they don’t. More often than not like we end up frustrated because we’re trying to fix a problem that never ends up solved.

The solution is never going to appear when you are still in the middle of the problem. You’re never going to be able to get to the solution when you are in that head space of the problem.

Changing the amount of money in your bank account or changing your lifestyle is about developing a relationship with money.

It’s about being able to sit in the space of the nuance of “What is that relationship asking for from me?”

Is it asking for more quiet? Is it asking for more action? Is it asking for more connection?

When you shift into relationship with money, that’s when things really start to change. That’s when you get the feeling of support. That’s when you get that feeling of safety. That’s when you get that knowing of your worthiness and deserve-ability around money.

As a result, your life experience AND your bank account change.

So my invitation to you today is to start to think about money as a relationship. What is your money relationship asking of you today? How would that change your action steps today?

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