The Insidious Lure of Perfectionism


What is it about perfectionism that keeps so many of us in its deathly grip?

Perhaps it’s the accolades we receive from others when we’ve done an especially great job on something (because perfectionism wouldn’t allow it to be done in anything less than stellar fashion).

Perhaps it’s the internal joy we feel when we do something well.

Perhaps it’s the sense of drive and motivation that gets created so we can do a great job.

I know from my own interaction with this pernicious habit that all of these play a role. Yet, none of these are the real reason perfectionism continues to keep a tight grip.

If perfectionism were a weed, those aspects would be the small, secondary roots that are important to the life of the weed, but are mostly at the surface of the ground.

The taproot of perfectionism, the one that will keep regenerating the weed over and over again, even if the smaller roots are taken out, is control. Perfectionism gives us the illusion of control. Perfectionism gives us the illusion we are completely in charge.

Actually, the illusion isn’t the feeling of control or being in charge; the illusion is we WANT to be in control and in charge.

Stay with me here because that might be a bit confusing. I can hear you asking me, “Jennifer, why don’t I want to be in control and in charge? Being out of control and helpless feels terrible.”

But see, that’s just what perfectionism WANTS you to believe.

The truth is we are meant to be co-creators. We are meant to co-create our experience here with Source, Spirit, or God. If we spend all of our time looking for ways to feel more in control and in charge, we cut ourselves off from the very source that can give us all we need.

This isn’t about giving up control and simply twisting in the winds of fate (although, I will admit to feeling like this is the only other choice I have if I can’t be completely in control and in charge of how my life unfolds). It can be truly scary to feel out-of-control. And, over the last few weeks, this is where I’ve been: in the space between releasing the need for control and waiting for the physical evidence that Source is right here with me.

This is about learning that when we release the absolute need to be in control, we allow in the amazing power of the Universe to co-create with us. If you make sure you are in control, you close yourself off to this intended resource. You’ll find ways to control, but I guarantee you, it’s the hard way.

Not only is it the hard way, but you completely cut yourself off from your creative potential. Not the “arts and crafts” kind of creative, but your literal creative potential, that primordial substance that holds all possibility, the part of you that creates your life, allows your Soul to express its purpose.

When you can release the illusion that control is what you want, you allow in Source Energy, God, the Universe, you create a direct line to your creative potential, and life simply unfolds around you in ways you couldn’t even begin to predict.

Heady stuff, I know.

Break free from the illusion that holds perfectionism in place and you’ll end up allowing yourself to move more deeply into relationship with the Divine, your creative potential, and your inherent abundance. To me, that beats living up to an illusion, hands-down, every time.

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.

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